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What you should know about us.

Most likely you’re visiting our site because one of your drains isn’t flowing well...or at all.

NE Drain Cleaning works on all internal home drains. That means your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, basement floor, and any other pipe that leads to your main sewer pipe that then goes out to the street.

When it comes to dealing with tree root problems that occur between the house and the street we have strategic alliances with another independent (reliable and reasonable) drain cleaning friends to put you in contact with that specialize in these root related problems. Just give me a call at: 612-708-2781 to discuss your problem.

By working in this manner, we can provide NE and nearby residents with very cost effective, and high quality, drain cleaning services.

Our charges are established using a base rate and then by the time spent at your home, not by each pipe or drain we clean, like you may see advertised.  We will not advertise to clean any one drain for a cheap price and then when we get there tell you that your clogged drain is connected to another drain pipe that also needs to be done so the price will be double…or even triple…what we advertised. We live Northeast and we care about our neighbor relationships. You can read more about us on the Drain Care Tips page.

Most in-home clogged drains can be punched through with a snake and flushed, (not to be confused with Jetting) for our base rate of $75.00. This covers the trip and up to 45 minutes of time at your house. If more time is needed for your problem, we bill you in 15 minute increments at $20.00 per. This rate is for residents of NE Minneapolis, St. Anthony Village, Hilltop and Columbia Heights only. If we get to your house and are able to fix your problem in just a few minutes, we will adjust our rate to help you out.

If you live in South East Minneapolis (U of M area), New Brighton, or Roseville (West of Snelling) the base rate is $85.00

If there is excessive grease or build up of material around the inside of the pipe walls or drain we will recommend jetting the pipes as well. This process is pressure washing the inside of the pipes to open them up as far as possible and flushing the debris to your main drain pipe. The need for this process is most common in older homes with metal pipes. (See Picture Page)

Other scenarios that contribute to a higher cost of cleaning a drain are as follows.

- The top units of two story duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes. Obviously the drain pipes are much longer so it usually takes longer.

- Excessive grease and hair. This mostly happens in the kitchen drain pipes when people dump bacon grease, or other liquefied fat down the sink. The fat solidifies about 10-15 feet down the drain pipe and eventually closes the pipe completely with a very long and thick clog. I have dealt with clogs over three feet long caused by grease, food, and hair. These types of clogs have to be snaked with a cable and jetted. Washing your hair in the kitchen sink compounds the problem. So do garbage disposals.

You also get a lot of solid build up problems in the laundry tub when the clothes washer drains into it without a drain catch for fabric debris. Small bits of fabric build up over time along the walls of the pipe, slowly closing the drain. (See Picture Page)

- Pipes that are so old and rusted that the drain cleaning snake breaks through the last bit of remaining pipe and the pipes have to be replaced. (See Picture Page)

- P-Traps under the sink are so old and damaged that when you take them apart they fall apart. This is very common with any older metal P-Trap. (See Picture Page)

- Rusted in place clean out plugs. Many older homes have cast iron drain pipes, and the last time these access plugs were removed was many many years ago. What happens is they rust into place and break off when being removed. 

- No clean out plugs at all.

I mention these things because we want you to be an informed customer when it comes to someone working on your drains. The last thing we want is problems, or you thinking we are trying to jack you around trying to squeeze more money out of you.

If you would like to hire us to get your drains draining, please call John Schulte at 612-708-2781 You can see a list of people I've done work for in NE under the Drain Care Tips page. Chances are you might know one of them. If you have any questions at all, just call or email me. We also have a facebook page for asking questions,

Drain Opening or Drain Cleaning...What is the Difference?

YES...there is a difference. If you read the advertising of some large franchise or chain drain cleaning outfits you will notice the wording 'drain opening' or 'we will open your drain' or something similar. This only means that they punch a hole through the clog so the water will run. It does not mean that they 'clean' the drain.

Of course, we will do this too, but it may not be the best course of action for solving the problem in the long run. Say for instance root problems, if you punch a hole in a root ball and not fully remove all the roots coming in from the pipe, the remainder of roots will grow back quickly and thicker, just like the scrub tree next to your garage or house. You cut it down but in keeps growing back, getting thicker and thicker at the base. Pretty soon you have a big problem that's harder and more expensive to fix.

Main drains from your house to your street that have ongoing root problems should be scoped with a camera to see the problem and then jetted clean to make sure every bit of roots are cut back. It is more expensive to do this, but you will be better off in the long run. The camera will also reveal if there is a large break in the line. If you plan on living in your home for five or more years, you need to seriously consider getting that main line scoped with a camera and really 'cleaned.'

Do you need something else fixed or built around your home? If so, visit

Here are a couple of tips that will help save you money because it will save your drain cleaner time.

1. If you're having your bathroom or kitchen drain cleaned, remove all the items stored under the sink. Make sure your cleaner has plenty of room to work.

2. Have old newspapers handy, and if possible line the inside of your vanity walls with them before the cleaner gets there. Cleaning pipes is a very messy job, and nasty stuff will splash around.

3. Bring out some old rags if you have them. Most drain cleaners will have their own, but there is always a chance he ran out on the job before, or forgot to pack them.

4. Make room around your pipes in basement. All drains lead there, and in most cases your drain cleaner will have to access pipes in the basement even though your clog is on your main floor. Again, make sure things you value are not close by to get splashed on.

5. Make sure you warn the cleaner if you have poured drain cleaner down the drain.

6. It's good to have throw rugs by the doors for feet wiping.